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Time after time

Drvenik Veli is a big island of peace, untouched nature, clean sea and beautiful beaches. The coast is rugged and consists of many bays with sandy and pebbly beaches. Bay Grabule is the only protected from the all winds. On the south side of the island is beautiful bay Solinska, and on the east side is a nice place called Krknjaši. Drvenik Veli was also known in Roman times, under the name of Tariona. In the 13th century it was mentioned as Giruna, Gerona, Zerona or Ziruna.

The only settlement on the island is the near-eponymous village of Drvenik Veliki. The church of St. George (preserved Gothic sanctuary) was built at the beginning of the 16th century. It houses valuable Baroque furniture and the altarpieces by the Venetian painter Antonio Grapinelli. The church of St. Nicholas, built in 1715, is located outside the village. Island of Veli Drvenik is an ideal destination for those who seek a peaceful and pleasant rest and want to see nature in an untouched wilderness.

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