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Korčula (3 villas)

Where the Silk Road begins…

The island of Korčula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with abundant vineyards and olive groves. Its southern coast is formed by small beaches and quiet coves. According to legend, the island was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC who is also famed as the founder of the city of Padua. The ancient Greeks called the island Melaina Korkyra or ‘Black Corfu’, after their homeland and the dense pine-woods on the island. Korčula has at one time been under the rule of the Illyrians, the Greeks, the Venetians, the Austrians and the Brits (well, for less than a year anyway!), amongst a flurry of other civilizations, who have all left their mark on the island. The stamp of each power has positively shaped Korčula, from the Greeks who bought grapes and their knowledge for producing delicious wine, to the Venetians whose skilled artisans have carved architectural triumphs, which can still be seen around the Old Town.

Marco Polo, was definitely the most famous resident of the town of Korčula. According to historical records, he was born here in the year 1254 and the fact is that the only remaining monument, 'the house of Marco Polo' can be found in the old town of Korčula. To this day many inhabitants of Korčula have the last name 'De Polo'. Tales are told all over the world of the adventures of Marco Polo, the European traveller who brought the Western world the ideas of paper money, engine oil and a taste of exotic Asia more than 700 years ago. In the birth house of Marco Polo is a small museum containing many old maps from all his journeys and various portraits of this adventurer.

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