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At first glance the Island of Pag is a rough, stone made, edged with sky-blue sea and placed under the wing of the Velebit Mountain. It is often called "Island of Rock" or "Lunar Island" because its surface has a somewhat intimidating appearance with a stone white from gale, rugged in so many forms that only nature can create, that occupies even 86% percent of the island’s surface. Island of Pag is made from 270 km of magnificent gravelly beaches, ranging from rocky coastlines to finest sand.

The town of Novalja is a major port and famous tourist centre. Open to everyone and everything that the wind blows. It is well known for its many well-kept beaches in the surrounding areas and an excellent tourist nightilfe. Party people, sun, top DJs make Croatia’s most famous beach, Zrće, the #1 party destination in Europe.

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