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Labin/Rabac (1 villa)

Labin, Rabac, Kršan, Raša

Touch of art

Where the green hills meet the sea, where nature and heritage become one, you will find Labin and Rabac - paradise for artists. The old mediaeval town of Labin is filled with art ateliers, in which you can feel what it means to be at the center of art itself. Here you can not only look at art works, but experience them, live them…

Labin, historical and administrative center of eastern Istria, used to be inhabited as early as 2.000 BC. Taking a walk through the Mediterranean and European history, your attention will be drawn by the Municipal Loggia and numerous palaces, mediaeval fortifications with Renaissance bastion, and the 17th century church tower – the highest point from which one can see Rabac and Kvarner bay.

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