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UNIQA travel insurance

While you are on vacation or a business trip, there is no time for worry. Surrender yourself to joy, relaxation, fun, or completion of your business commitments. Travel safe with our insurance coverage in case of illness or accident during your stay abroad.

Why UNIQA insurance?

Let your travel insurance become a habit. Before every trip, remember why travel insurance can be useful:

• For only a small amount of money you can receive financial safety and health care abroad
• Travel insurance is flexible and personalized – can be adapted to your travel needs (from one day to one year)
• If you are in a hurry, buy an insurance policy ONLINE
• While you’re abroad, your health care is just a phone call away

When you’re in a hurry, buying an insurance policy ONLINE is the simplest way to get medical care. Don’t forget – the best protection is the one planned on time. Think of yourself and your close ones when traveling abroad and don’t let unexpected situations that can endanger your health surprise you.

Security with UNIQA insurance

Insurance can be contracted as single, family or group policy (for two or more passengers). In case of accident or illness abroad you can get medical care for free, by calling our SOS phone.

Our phone assistance will direct you to the nearest doctor. SOS phone is available 24 hours a day.

For more information, please contact UNIQA at +385 (0)1 6324 200, or


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